Cheap Student Auto Insurance

There are numerous reasons why younger people pay more for automobile insurance. This includes the obvious, like lack of driving experience and high crash statistics. The good news is it’s possible to get cheap student car insurance by taking advantage of every discount that is available. Almost every auto insurer offers discounts, even to teens. You can also get estimates in only a few seconds by entering some quick information about your age, car and zip code. Here are a few of the most common discounts young drivers can take advantage of.

1. Good Student Discounts

Young people in high school or college can qualify for a car insurance discount just for being a student, but there is a catch. The student needs to have and maintain good grades. Students can save some serious cash by working hard in class and getting good grades. Auto Insurers have amassed massive amounts of accident data and statistics show that drivers who excel academically are also much safer drivers. Car insurance companies price premiums based on the perceived risk and thus give discounts to less risky drivers, like those with great grades. Getting good grades takes sustained discipline and control, qualities that just so happen to make great drivers.

Good Student Discount Qualifications

* Most insurance carriers offer these discounted rates to active students who maintain a B or higher GPA over the course of a school year. The good student discount is usually 10% off the auto insurance premium. Hard work does pay off in the classroom and also saves you some serious money so study hard!

* You must be a full-time student. Part-time college students may not qualify for this type of discount.

* There’s a student age limit of 25 years old.

If you are a parent paying for your kid’s automobile insurance, use this discount as a motivating factor. If your child misses this good student discount this year, help them get their grades up and qualify for it following year. One idea is to offer to help pay for a new car with the insurance savings they will realize by getting excellent grades.

2. Certified Driver Safety Classes

Another smart way to get cheaper student car insurance and learn a lot is to complete a certified driver’s education class. These classes are usually taught by highway patrol officers and other highly experienced drivers, who have a wealth of driving knowledge to share. Not only will you learn how to drive better, but after you successfully pass the class, you can save up to 10% on your coverage. A good tip is to make sure the class you intend to take is certified, so the insurance carriers will recognize it and give you this important discount.

3. Buy a car that is cheaper to insure

The vehicle you are insuring is one of the biggest factors that will impact car ins rates. When you’re a young student driver, you are already facing rates that are on average double that of most older drivers over 25. The automobile you drive can either help you get lower rates or cause your premiums to rise quite a bit. Stay away from exotic sports cars like a Porsche, pricey new cars and those vehicles that are always on the top of the most stolen list. Think about getting a used car like a Toyota Camry that is fun to drive, safe and cheaper to insure for students.

4. Get Discounts for Resident Students

Students who will be going to a college or university in another city or state (often more than 100 miles) can qualify for a resident student discount. This little known discount applies to those students who plan on not driving while enrolled in school and only on limited occasions, such as winter and summer breaks. A student who wants to get these special low rates must provide proof, such as an admission letter, with the college’s address. Also, the car insurer will require valid proof of mileage and might also impose other restrictions on the driver.

5. Find the Cheapest Student Auto Insurance Online

Thanks to the web, finding the cheapest rates on student car insurance is easier than ever before. Also, you can compare several rates in just a few short minutes and find the policy that is best for you.

Now you can select each car insurance discount that you qualify for when you apply for a quote. Good to go insurance have direct pricing that’s often much cheaper than the quotes given by agents and brokers. Compare cheap student auto insurance quotes with good2go insurance and get the savings you need today. Check resident student coverage with good to go insurance now and get a free quote on-line in 5 minutes.

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Excel With Masters In Education Online

Do you want to work in a profession that takes into account the future of several people? Do you want to be a part of the changes that are undergoing society today? Teaching is a profession that can influence people even beyond the classroom. In fact, it can totally alter the lives of people in ways that have a lasting effect.

Joining this profession requires that you are properly equipped with the right tools of communication and knowledge so that you can enhance your method of teaching and produce better results in your students. You can do this with a Masters in Education online degree.

The Result Appears Beyond the Classroom

It’s very heartening to know that your efforts will not only result in better grades for your students. It’s more than that. It’s about influencing your community’s future leaders and future workers. It’s even possible that one of the bright eyed young students under your tutelage would become the President later on.

To achieve the best results, you must ground yourself in a firm foundation. That firm foundation comes with a well rounded background in communication theory, language, the arts and more. The Masters degree that you’ll be getting should not be seen as an automatic upgrade of your ability to teach. Your performance and ability to teach is entirely up to you.

Nor should it be seen as just a means to give you a higher pay grade. Getting a Masters in Education online is an admission that you could do better. It is a realization that you can aspire for more. More importantly, it is an acceptance of the truth that your students can do better – if you teach better.


Today, one of the challenges besetting teachers is a burgeoning culture of indifference by students. Students in the US nowadays are uninspired and are content in just attending school because it is their obligation. Your Masters in Education online degree, will tackle this and other specific concerns on a level wherein innovative solutions could be derived.

The programs being offered by the University of Cincinnati aim to arm the teacher with specialist knowledge to prepare them for a competitive future. Whether you want to become a Teacher Leader, a Special Education teacher, TESOL teacher, or a Math Specialist, the program aims for greater specialization to cater to the different needs of children today.

A Masters of special education degree for instance, can demonstrate methodologies that deliver results even under the most trying circumstances. It’s a tacit acceptance of the reality that there are many types of children with different needs but who also have potential if they are guided accordingly.

With a Masters in Education online degree, you will be prepared for the difficult task of orienting today’s youth about the difficult world they are now living in. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the future is in your hands.

Learn how a Masters in education online degree could introduce new avenues of instruction for you and your students. You can get more information from to see which specific program of specialization you’d be best suited for.

Is a Management and Leadership Education Online Effective?

No segment of higher education has grown at a higher rate than online education. Originally the domain only of organizations operating only online, most older and more traditional institutions of higher education now have added online capabilities, too. The result for nontraditional students or adults who already have begun their careers is that they can more easily continue their education or finish a degree begun years earlier.

On-ground management and leadership classes may or may not include nontraditional students, but generally they are often comprised of young adults who have not yet begun any career path. On-ground management programs teach theory with application examples- management leadership education online does as well. Other than the venue in which the classes are typically held, the primary difference between on-ground and online management and leadership classes is that online class discussion has far more real-world applications. Because so many of the students in online management and leadership degree programs currently are working, they can bring real examples to discussions of points of theory the class is learning. This can and does occur in on-ground classes, but far more rarely. Online classes also require class participation in a degree that on-ground classes simply cannot. Most online programs require each student to post in a class discussion area at least twice a week if not more frequently, and to comment on the posts of other class members. Such interaction and application of theory generally is not even possible in the physical classroom setting.

We have become a degree-oriented society in many respects, and that perspective applies directly to business management. Whether the nontraditional student seeks to finish an undergraduate degree or progress to the Master’s level, the student already active in the workforce has direct knowledge of the importance of a completed degree to advance in virtually any company. A completed management and leadership degree online is of particular value to those seeking promotion or a new job position. Those students familiar only with the on-ground setting may wonder about the effectiveness of management leadership education online. Not only is there is no need for concern, in many respects, the online setting is even more effective than study in a physical classroom. The work experience that many students bring to class with them and the interaction required by the program combine to create a richness rarely found in the physical classroom setting- and one that is found to be highly appreciated by students after completing a program.

The Benefits of Online Advertising

Advertising is telling the public about our product, service, skill or expertise.

It is basically about trying to sell something. Therefore, we are all marketers all the way.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television are some of the conventional media platforms where one could place advert to create public awareness in order to sell something.

But these platforms are expensive, limited in reach and does not guarantee quick returns on our efforts.

Except the advert placed on hard copies of newspapers and magazines are also posted online, it makes no business sense for people or firm running a tight advert budget to use these conventional platforms.

On the other hand, online advertising will also not bring about quick returns on your efforts. Compared with conventional advertising platforms, placing advert online is cheap.

It also has a global reach with the entire world becoming the market where buyers and sellers meet to transact business.

Therefore, in a world with an estimated population of some seven billion people, selling our product or service is a big deal.

Conventional advertisers set aside huge budgets for adverts every year.

With the world going online, hard copies of newspapers and magazines are gradually dying.

It is costly to run conventional papers and magazines.

Specialized and general interest websites are emerging daily. Yes, some sites are dying, while others are being created. There are billions of sites offering one service, skill, expertise or product or the other.

For people or firms advertising online, the global nature and reach of most of the sites create a global market for them. This is good for their business.

Overtime, small, medium and big business owners, who make use of online platforms to place their adverts, will reap good returns.

Placing advert online is also not a guaranty for you to sell your product, skill, expertise, service or knowledge overnight. It is not a quick fixed issue.

Consistent, persistence, focus and determination are some of the attributes advertisers must strive to imbibe.

The social media has also added numerous benefits to potential online advertisers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the top online platforms for advertisers to make good use of.

Facebook for instance has a global subscriber’s base of 1.59 billion users, followed by Twitter with millions of active users and LinkedIn also with millions of active subscribers.

This is a plus to the online advertising dream of people or firm who desire to sell their product, service, knowledge or skill to the entire world and make fortunes in return.